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About Me

Dedication. Patients. Union. Love.

I believe in being authentic and accountable. In trusting your inner voice and following your truth. Rather than doing what you think you should based off unrealistic expectation you have for yourself or expectations you think others have of you. This doesn’t mean not having goals or aspirations, but rather showing up to yourself so that you can show up for others. Be accountable for your actions and commitments, set positive intentions and let them guide you.

As a pisces I’m a dreamer and I love to dream big. If you can imagine it, you can manifest it. But be kind to yourself in the process, break things down into manageable bite size pieces so that you don’t get overwhelmed and give up. Embrace your fears, and realise as you do so that they begin to dissolve.

I believe life is a practice and that the lessons we learn on ‘the mat’ carry over into all aspects of our lives. When we start to look at life this way, we realise that all of our experiences are new, individual and unique. This doesn’t mean going through life as a sloppy dress rehearsal, but it takes the pressure of perfection off ourselves and allows us to be more real and authentic.

My yoga practice is my playground, my laboratory to explore my limits, to come up against my edge and to learn to overcome it. It is a constant reminder to be present. To be grateful for all I have and for all I have experienced. To work with where I am at without attaching to limiting beliefs or the fruits of my practice. It helps me to find solace in a busy modern lifestyle and allows me the space to find moments of stillness, clarity and bliss.

It has helped me overcome fears and has been an instrumental tool in teaching me to listen to my own voice, to follow my passions and to live a life full of potential and endless possibilities despite hardships. It has taught me to be patient and to trust in the process.

Hi, I'm Annabel Sharp, a yoga teacher and massage therapist in Melbourne. I love working with people to help them discover where they hold tension and to help people to find a place within them which is full of potential and endless possibilities.